Utopian Values

Flasou: part of the global village
Small, family-run farm, passed on from generation to generation. This is what natural & organic truly means. Traditional methods, love for culture & strong community ethics.

Grandfather to father to me, the philosophy has been maintained – live in harmony with the land & the people upon it. Honesty, care & respect, these are the natural ingredients.

Utopian Values

Each village & town has its own flavour
For generations we have grown & distributed only organic products. A true taste of Mediterranean perfection – indeed, allow natural elements to do their magic.

From this small corner of our globe, Flasou, central to Cyprus, central to the world, Utopia is sustained. All our fresh products originate here.

Garden Design & Landscaping

Sustainable garden design & development; Landscape art   click here

Trained & experienced in one of the world's most diverse natural habitat, Australia. Together with his extensive travels around the world, Dinos has developed a unique & stirring concept for garden design. Based on a model specific for Cyprus, with notions of sustainability, eco, low maintenance, minimal water & native flora. "Something that's different, exciting, inspirational & environmentally friendly".

What We Do

Support independent suppliers

Sell your own stuff. Utopia welcomes any organic foods, natural & herbal products made according to production standards. If you're an artist or have a talent with your hands, let us know what you do. Any interests for a partnership or affiliation let us know, click here

Herbs & essential Oils

All our herbs are grown in a natural & organic method. Distributed all over Cyprus & exported around the world, they are perfected Mediterranean herbs, full of colour, flavour and taste. Now also producing essential oils. Each drop is made with care & affection, using the same quality substances. Interested in any of these products? Contact us

What We Do

Natural is always best

Utopia is not just an organic & natural store, but a way of life. We promote healthy living & a healthy mind; always environmentally responsive & climate friendly; community & culturally-orientated; respecting difference. You can always find us. And if we're not around, give us a call and we'll come down.

Climate Friendly

Every time we travel by car, plane or boat, we contribute to environmental damage. Everything we commonly use - electricity, waste and water - is taken for granted. Do the right thing, care for our climate, care for our planet - its our Utopia. Off-set whatever carbon emissions you release here